About Us

For three generations, the Charles Johnson Company has aimed to produce the absolute highest quality produce on the market. Our experience in the produce industry, knowledgeable staff combined with our outstanding growers make it easy to continue to provide some of the best produce to come out of New Mexico.

For more than 70 Years, the Charles Johnson Company has been a leader in the field of fresh produce production. Now in its third generation, the Charles Johnson Company continues to grow with the increasing demand for fresh vegetables. Our company is responsible for the harvest and sale of over one thousand acres of yellow, white and red onions from May thru September and roughly 1200 acres of lettuce and cabbage May-July and September-November.
In order to accommodate our increasing yields and acreage, we are constantly improving our facilities, harvest equipment and methods of production to offer you the very best produce on the market.
Farming in the Mesilla Valley
At the Charles Johnson Company, our farming/growing situation is competitively unique. Our fields cover a span of over 100 miles of the Mesilla Valley ranging from the northern Uvas Valley to south of Las Cruces in Anthony, NM. This advantage gives us vast field availability, which enables us to have a consistent harvest and fewer delays due to adverse weather conditions.
Center, Colorado
The Charles Johnson Company has a long history that spans over 40 years of growing and marketing iceberg lettuce in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. Growing lettuce in the San Luis Valley allows us to take advantage of the high altitude, the warm days and cool nights, making it possible to grow the best product available. Del Rey Packing is the custom packer for the Charles Johnson Company in Las Cruces and in southern Colorado. During the summer months, Del Rey Packing employees over 100 experienced lettuce packers, many from the local area. Sales staff is on hand daily and serves as our Colorado eyes and ears. Our Colorado Proud label can be purchased at King Soopers. Presently, we are the only grower of carton cello iceberg lettuce in Colorado shipping July, August and September.  
Commitment to Food Safety
We believe that to have a strong food safety program, the commitment must start at the top. That is why the Food Safety Program at the Charles Johnson Company starts at the very top with the president of the company, Charles N. Johnson II.  Our program revolves around actively promoting safe food handling in order to prevent food borne illness by continually reinforcing both GAP and GMP established policies and procedures through education and training. It is our mission and moral responsibility as a provider of fresh produce to ensure that the food provided is done so under safe and sanitary conditions. In addition, we are PrimusGFS certified and follow a regular auditing schedule for our facilities, fields and crews. Every member of our organization is committed to safe food handling and participates in on-going training.  
Come See Us
If you happen to be in the area, stop by and see us. It would be our pleasure to introduce you to our staff, give you a tour of our facilities and show you around Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley.