Our Process

Produce is a way of life throughout the entire organization and it shows in the great care we take in harvesting and delivering top of the line product every time. We are able to accomplish this by working with harvesters, shed operators and salesmen that have more than 30 years experience in their fields.  


Our hundreds of acres of onions are manually harvested, placed into bins and delivered to our driers where they will cure for 2-3 days prior to packing. This allows the neck to dry and protects the onion from disease. The onions are inspected prior to packing to ensure only the very best make it to the customer. Packaged product can be stored in an ambient temperature warehouse or cold room storage.


Desert Air Cooling is our lettuce cooling facility and is the only vacuum and hydro cooling facility of its kind in southern New Mexico. Our lettuce is custom packed in the field and taken to Desert Air Cooling to be cooled and stored for shipping.  


Beautiful New Mexico cabbage is manually field harvested and packed to your specifications at our cabbage packing facility. After packaging, cabbage is stored in a cold storage room until pick up.  


We are continuously improving our methods as we grow.